Submitting Kaltura Media to a Canvas Assignment

Modified on: Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 9:48 AM

You will need to transfer your video from from your mobile device to a computer to upload via Kaltura into a Canvas Assignment.  See :Transferring Media from a Mobile Device to a Computer for more information.

Note: If your assignment requires you to upload a Video along with another file.  You must submitted each file separately for both to be successfully uploaded to the Assignment.  If you upload a video file  and another file to a Canvas assignment, when you submit, only the last file uploaded will be submitted to Canvas.

Uploading and submitting an video via Kaltura

Viewing multiple Canvas Assignment  Submissions on a mobile device (iOS)

Note: If you have trouble viewing Kaltura videos try going to Safari/Preferences/Privacy, try unchecking Prevent cross-site tracking to see if that helps.

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