Recording PowerPoint Presentations with a Single Monitor

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Video Instructions

Step-by-step Instructions from the above video

  1. On the Panopto Recorder check the option to Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen (see Fig. 1). The Capture PowerPoint option creates the table of contents.  The Capture Main Screen option captures PowerPoint animations and annotations and also allows for recording of other apps such as web pages or excel spreadsheets.
    Figure 1: Check the options to Capture PowerPoint and Capture Main Screen.
  2. Select your audio source from the Audio dropdown menu (see Fig. 2).
    Figure 2: Select your audio source for your recording from the Audio dropdown menu.
  3. After selecting your audio, test your audio by talking in a normal voice to test the volume. You should see a few green bars appear as you talk (see Fig. 3). If you don't see any or see the red and yellow bars highlighted, adjust the volume by using the slider.
    Figure 3: Adjust the audio slider to find the optimal sound quality for your recording.
  4. Panopto has no toolbar that is visible while recording. After you have finished with your PowerPoint presentation, bring up the Panopto Recorder, select stop and upload.

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