Using Turnitin's Plagiarism Review with a Canvas Assignment

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Create an assignment normally per

  • Be sure to make it an Online assignment and to choose at least Text Entry or File Uploads from among the Online Entry Options. This will add a Plagiarism Review section to the Assignment Editing page. 
  • Choose Turnitin. 
  • Decide if you wish to show originality reports to students and when. Choices are: Never, After the Due Date, After the Assignment is Graded, and Immediately
  • Finish filling in the other Canvas Assignment settings (see below for recommendations).  
  • Save & Publish. 

Screenshot of Plagiarism Review Settings

Figure 1: Plagiarism Review Settings. 

Educational Technologies recommends the following Turnitin settings:

Store submissions in:

  • Choose Do not store the submitted papers  for draft writing assignments.
  • Choose Institution Paper Repository for final drafts or papers without multiple drafts.

This setting is useful in classes where multiple drafts are graded separately.

Compare submissions against:

  • ✓ Student repository - papers collected by Turnitin globally.
  • ✓ Institutional repository - papers collect in the UM System (no MU content is stored globally)
  • ✓ Website content - open web pages (but not pages behind paywalls).
  • ✓ Periodicals, journals and publications - many journal periodical databases and books.

These settings control the sources used for similarity checking. Turning any of them off will lessen the value of the report. 

Similarity Report:

These are filters used to fine tune reports. With the exception of Translated Matching, you can turn them on or off in individual reports.

Save as default settings:

Check this box if you wish to reuse these settings for future assignments. 

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