Submitting a Turnitin Assignment in Canvas (for Students)

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  1. Access the assignment in Canvas by clicking on the assignment name. 
  2. Click the button to Load Turn It In in a new window.
  3. Turn It In will open in a new window or tab.  Click to Upload Submission (See, Fig. 1).Fig. 1, Upload Turn It In Submission

  4. A box will appear so you can select your file (See, Fig, 2).  Once you have selected the file you will have the option to preview it.  Previewing it will ensure you have selected the correct file.  Fig. 2, Select a File to Upload

  5. Select Accept Submission and Save to complete the upload (See, Fig. 3). Fig. 3, Accept Submission and Save

  6. You will receive a confirmation that the upload was successful (See, Fig. 4)Fig. 4, Submission confirmation

  7. Go to the Assignment Dashboard in Turn It In to confirm the paper is there.  You can Preview the submission again by clicking on the paper title (See, Fig. 5)Fig. 5, Assignment Dashboard

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