Embedding Existing Media in a Canvas Page

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  1. In your Canvas course, click on Modules or Pages.
  2. Click to open the Page in which you want to embed the Media.
  3. Click to Edit the Page. Kaltura Media can also be added to a Discussion Board, Announcement, Assignment, or Test Question using the Edit feature.  
  4. In the rich-text editor, click on the More External Tools icon, and select Embed Kaltura Media (see Fig. 1) from the dropdown menu.
    Figure 1: Select Embed Kaltura Media from the dropdown menu.
  5. The Embed Kaltura Media window is displayed with the My Media tab selected.
  6. Search for the item you want to embed by sorting and filtering the content or by using the search
  7. Click Select to select the content to embed (see Fig. 2).
    Figure 2: Click the Select button to embed the chosen video in the rich-text editor.
  8. A placeholder is added to the text item indicating a Kaltura Media will be presented after the text item is saved.
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 to embed multiple media items.

Mobile Device Playback: When using the Canvas app, the videos will open in a new window. The video window can't be rotated by turning the mobile device.

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